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Always been such a wonderful place! I loved them before Covid19 and will love them long after. Thank you for providing wonderful health care with and without a pandemic! 
     Michelle G. 

My husband and I went to the drive-through Covid19 antibody testing being offered by Dr. Askari at Thumb Butte Medical Center. What a great service Dr. Askari is providing to our community. We did show our insurance card; however, I understand he is willing to work with those who do not have insurance. There was no out-of-pocket cost to us. He is the first doctor that I am aware of in our area that has been able to obtain this testing and provide it to the community. Dr. Askari is there on-site, working hard, to ensure everyone leaves feeling reassured and comfortable with what they experience. We definitely did! He gave us our results on the spot. The entire process was easy and we were in and out of there within about 40 minutes, considering the amount of cars there. His staff was caring, professional and eager to help. They reflect Dr. Askari's mission, vision and values. Dr. Askari is to be commended on taking on this huge, unprecedented task. I am grateful we have a doctor of this high caliber here in Prescott. Thank you Dr. Askari!
     Charlene M.

I was very impressed with the excellent service I received at the drive through Covid testing. The staff and Dr Akari were so caring and efficient. As a healthcare worker I got the rapid test along with the nasal swab and sputum culture. My rapid test took less than 15 minutes. Dr. Akari was nice enough to call me with my other test results today. Very pleased and highly recommend Thumb Butte Medical Center.
     Stephanie R. 

Thank you so much for doing these tests. Everything was so efficient and the fact that Dr. Askari himself called me on a Saturday to give me the answer is amazing! His devotion to this community is beyond compare. He's done so many great things for this area and I'm looking forward to all the good things that are coming down the road. Thanks, Thumb Butte!

     Loree D. 

"Thank you for the COVID-19 drive through rapid testing service.  All the personnel at TBMC were fantastic in providing this very need service at no cost to the public and first responders.  Thank you for your professionalism and going beyond fulfilling your civic responsibility!
     David L. 

By far the best medical facility in Prescott and far beyond. Have been a patient for over 5 years and have always been treated with the utmost respect !
     Frank S. 

So far my experience there is the best caring, efficient, quality medical care! You are doing what is needed in Prescott!

     Susan W. 

I went to get a Covid test from Thumb Butte Medical Center. I was negative. I was so impressed Dr. Askari personally called me to assure me all my tests were negative but wanted to follow up and see how I'm doing. Wow! Talk about professionalism and small town Doctoring. I wasn't a patient of Dr. Askari but I soon will be. Long time Prescott resident who had the benefit of being a long time patient of Dr. Bill Thrift.
     Frank C. 

He (Dr. Askari) treats us more like a friend and family than a patient. 
     Seda K.

I want to thank the staff for providing convenient drive thru antibody & Covid-19 testing. The process was seamless all while staying in the vehicle. It only took 10-15 minutes total and got the antibody results almost immediately. A few days later, the clinic and doctor call me personally to deliver my negative results. What a great experience, and relief. Thank you TBMC!

     Karen B.