• Thumb Butte Medical Ctr

Your Well-being is Important

by Dr. Hojat Askari, Founder and Medical Director, Thumb Butte Medical Center

The dictionary may define well-being as the state of being happy, healthy or prosperous. But what does it mean to you? How do even achieve such a state?

As you go forward into 2022, consider that finding balance is your path to well-being. While you’re doing just fine in some areas, others likely need your attention.

Think over these aspects of your life, and take a deep dive into where you need to make some changes.

Health. Are you achieving emotional and physical health? Cornerstones of balancing here are getting enough sleep and exercise. Both have the domino effect of strengthening your mind and body.

Relationships. Studies show that people with strong relationships live longer. If you find yourself isolated boost your life expectancy by helping others through volunteering or offering them comfort.

Security. A sense of security lowers levels of anxiety and fear. Think about your safety and that of others. Take a self-defense course, wear your seatbelt, don that helmet when bike riding. When trying something new and complicated — especially if tools are involved — don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Figure out where else you need to develop preventative habits.

Purpose. This can be a tough one, especially for retirees who figured they’d always be working, or someone unexpectedly experiencing a job loss. It’s in our purpose that we find meaning in our lives. It doesn’t have to come from work. It can come, for example, from improving our physical health or improving our relationships. It can be an ongoing process. Dig — what would help you feel fulfilled? Where/how to you connect to something larger than yourself?

Community. You may feel better about life if you actively work to help your community by volunteering or just getting to know people better. You’d be part of building it and promoting the well-being of others. Community can be big or small from your neighborhood to your place of work to your church or recreational league.

Environment. Examine your personal space. Is it an oasis or a place that needs decluttering? Go outside and take in nature in the form of a walk, hike or a picnic. Bring nature inside bring a by putting a green, leafy plant in the kitchen.

Above all, don’t be hard on yourself as you seek the balance to achieve well-being. Small steps and patience are your friends.