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Thumb Butte Medical Center Goes to the White Mountain Apache Tribe

Thumb Butte Medical Provides Testing at the White Mountain Apache Reservation.

Thumb Butte Medical Center recently took a team of seven health professionals to eastern Arizona, where they performed COVID-19 antibody tests for members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

“It was a great team effort along with tribal leaders. It was a great experience. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” said Dr. Hojat Askari, founder of the Thumb Butte Medical Center.

Askari noted that his team was shown generous hospitality while they were there. Local residents brought the team lunch and beverages throughout each day.

All in all, over 1500 tests were performed over the weekend, with all expenses donated by Thumb Butte Medical Center.

“Miles of cars lined up for the testing. We tested first responders, Tribal leaders, families and children. After being tested, the children danced and celebrated when they found out they were negative,” Askari related with a wide smile.

Askari said that he would love to open a clinic in the White Mountain area someday. “Thumb Butte Medical Center is honored to help them in their need. The White Mountain Apache Tribe approached us for help, and we could not say no. They are such a lovely people.”

Currently, Thumb Butte Medical Center offers drive-through rapid antibody testing seven days a week in Prescott.

In addition, Thumb Butte Medical Center now has capabilities to do in-house PCR nasal swab testing for COVID-19, pneumonia, influenza and other infections. Results are available within 24 hours. If antibiotics are indicated, the test results will also provide information as to which medication will be the most effective. They are able to run tests for their own practice and for other local doctors.

“We are looking for ways to help more in the future, both the White Mountain Apache Tribe and our local community,” Dr. Askari said.


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